60 Rustic Italian For Your Dream Home Design

Rustic Italian For Your Dream Home Design 06

If you’re obsessed with Italy not merely because of the wine, the pizza and the pasta, hold onto that plane ticket. You don’t have to relocate to Italy to feel totally Tuscan! Simply refurbish your living space so that you get the feel of residing in a Roman Villa or an equally charming country-themed home. Either way, your trek to Tuscany starts now and it’s closer to home than you even imagined.

Are you pining for the look of a refined Roman Villa? Then opt for simple yet stylish items or well-crafted antiques that add charm and mystique to your space. Drapes in flowing light fabric flatter a room, giving the impression of luxury in an otherwise simple home. Neutral colors of auburn and white are excellent options for furnishings like chairs, tables and the like. However, when scouring stores for possible accessories, don’t limit yourself to these same mundane colors. It’s perfectly OK to indulge in striking shades of green, gold, blue and red. These refreshing colors showcase the splendor of nature and totally complement an Italian decor style, so go shop!

Do you have a craving for a more rustic theme? The wine country style is something equally enticing albeit less high-maintenance. This look is not as posh as the Roman-inspired cottage but it exudes comfort and serenity. To imitate this kind of theme, fixtures should be comparatively heavier with a rugged appearance that echoes years of use. Place a colossal table in the dining area and pair this with cupboards and kitchen shelves so there’s always enough room for storage.

Whichever way you want your Italian niche to be, nothing beats a good wall color in a calming tan. It gives the aura of aged plaster, a wonderful backdrop for more vibrant hues like red, green, yellow and blue. Artistry is also very prevalent in Italian d├ęcor with faux paint treatment and some teasing elements of trompe l’oile all over the place.

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