54 Awesome Farmhouse Bathroom Shelves Ideas

Awesome Farmhouse Bathroom Shelves Ideas 22

I’m always looking for ways to make my bathroom a little more bearable. You see, I own a 1950’s era farmhouse and it has only a single bathroom for our whole family to use. There are 6 of us and there never seems to be enough space, neither on the counter nor in the cabinets. Now that my daughter has started wearing makeup and being more concerned about her hair, things have become even more impossible to manage because of all the extra stuff she thinks she needs.

I had bought an over-the-toilet shelving system to hold extra towels. It turns out the bathroom was really too humid to keep fabric without risking it getting mildewed, so I had to move towels and wash clothes back to a closet in the hallway. However, that opened up shelf space in the bathroom which I thought might do nicely to hold all of our stuff.

Turns out I was right. With the help of some storage containers, I was able to get everyone’s necessary items inside the bathroom right on hand.

Rather than put all of the teeth-related items in one storage container and all hair-related items in another, I made up a kit for each person individually. That will also reduce the likelihood that someone picks up the wrong toothbrush.

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