30+ Cute Girly Bedroom Decoration Ideas For Inspiration

Cute Girly Bedroom Decoration Ideas For Inspiration 47

Decorating and choosing bedroom furniture for your children’s bedroom feels like a lot more fun than decorating your own! Perhaps because it’s all full of bright colours and cartoon characters and you can run away with your imagination. So how do you know which direction to go in and where do you start?

The first thing you need to think about before getting to work on your children’s bedroom is to think about space. Children have a lot of toys that can be very large in size and they also need clear open room to play where it’s safe, and so it is wise to choose bedroom furniture that allows for a lot of storage but doesn’t take up too much space.

A lot of children’s bedroom furniture caters for these requirements, for example you can buy bunk beds in different themes for example in Barbie or Lego, and within the bunk beds they have draws and cupboards built around them. Some beds built for children even have activities incorporated within them for example they may have a ladder leading up to the bed and then a slide on the way down, or a climbing frame around the bed and so on.

One thing to remember when choosing your children’s bedroom furniture and choosing themes for decoration is to think if your child is still going to like the bedroom theme in a few years time. children’s likes and dislikes change as often as the weather and if money is an issue you do not want to be decorating your child’s bedroom every 12 months. One way to get around this is to go for girly or boyish colours rather than actual characters, or choose themes such as music or football which the child is more likely to like for longer period of time.

A great tip for your children’s bedroom furniture is to buy furniture that can be easily changed or updated. For example if buy a bedroom suite which is all fixed to the wall and together you do not have the option of changing this unless you pull out the whole thing. Choosing a suite that easily adaptable is probably a better option as it gives you and your child the option for change as they grow older.

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